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Can Mussina retire

so-cal dub

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This is the same team we have every year for the last 4. No starting pitching, questionable bullpen, and the only way we score is with homeruns. Brace yourself for another 1 and done exit(if we get there). <_<

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Im really starting to hate Mussina. When he was producing I put aside the fact that he's a smug douche bag that none of his teammates like, now that he gets shelled in just about every outing, I have no reason to bite my tongue. Fuck Mussina

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And how good your changeup is.



Of course, but their was a time when Questec just came in

around 2002-2003, he was getting squeezed within an inch of his life.

He developed a curveball at the age of 38 to keep the hitters honest.

He adapted and changed.

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