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If a team is penalized 15 yards for too much partying after a TD, they have to kickoff from the 20 yard line, right?

So, I always wondered why they just don't kick it out of bounds, being that the 40 would be considered a decent outcome of that kick.

Is there a rule that states differently?

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The average kickoff lands between the endzone and the 15 yard line I would say....why would you give the other team a free 10 yards if you would have dropped the ball on the 15?

with that thinking, a touchback is a bad thing.


its not where it lands, it's where it ends up that counts. if average runback is to the 28 or so, add 15 yards there, and the 40 is a good average guess.


but my question is, is there a rule that would add yards to the out of bounds penalty.

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