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Reese's 2007 draft , the soap opera continues


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remember now we were told it was not happening


Cato June Back in The Picture; Visit Upcoming

By Dan Benton | March 10th, 2007


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200701251408509173725-p2.jpg Cato June - Fannation.com


Cato June is back in the picture ladies and gentleman. After all hoped seemed lost, the linebacker will meet with the Giants sometime next week. Are you all prepared for another Lavar Arrington/Plaxico Burress saga? Sadly, that's exactly what's coming whether he decides to sign or not.


As I've stated since day one, I am a huge Cato June fan. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in speed and athleticism. Outside of his size he is the ideal NFL linebacker and at this point, exactly what the Giants need. Most importantly, he is very good in man-to-man coverage and can shut down any tight end in the NFL - which was one of the areas the Giants struggled in last season.


He does have some issues with discipline however. Like Lavar Arrington before him, he tends to free lance at times which could be a good or bad thing in Steve Spagnuolo's (potential) system. People will knock that but it's nothing that can not be corrected. A little extra time in the weight room will do him good as well; something I am sure Tom Coughlin will address.

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I take it your comparison of June to Arrington is based on the freelancing comment....well in Arringtons defense when he was on the field last year I heard numerous times that he was playing within the system and was not "freelancing".


Like it or not we NEED a starting veteran OLB. We cannot realistically expect to go into the season with Pierce being the only veteran starter with Wilkinson and...well who else is left that would start? Blackburn? Torbor?


If we could get June he would be a great pickup. Like it said in the article we BLEW at covering TEs last year. A speedy OLB we could put on a TE would be a nice addition.


Bring in June on the one side and bring back Short for the other side and we would have a decent starting LB group. Blackburn is at least a good backup if not more, Wilkinson showed some talent in his rookie season, and Torbor...well Torbor has been on the team for awhile that has to count for something. Draft another OLB on the first day and I think that would be the best LB corp we can get for this coming season.

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