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Ok Guys we all know the 2007 Free Agency has been well, like Pac-man Jones making it rain at a strip club for mediocre women , So are the majority of NFL teams making it rain for mediocre players when it comes to Contract dollars.


Nate Clements (ok not so mediocre) gets $80 million dollars (Dr. evil scowl) 2 or 3 years ago wasn't the cap for the whole team of 53 players $80 some million ? whats going to happen when top shelf guys go in to do re-do their contract when the Time comes? what Kind of windfall will they walk away with ? what kind of a snowball effect will this have? Is there or will there be a ceiling? As much as the NFL might like the recognition in the sports news world right now with all this High priced Player talk,It may come back to bite them . not today not next week but you wait and see in a few years maybe 5 at most.


Players will be demanding over $100 Million then $120 Million then more and then More. Before this happens Something has got to be done. so what can be done? maybe you get payed $1 million for every year you are in the league ? so every year you would get a $1 million raise. after 10 years a player would of made $55 million . maybe a contract tier ? Rookies would get between $500,000 and $1 million . 1-3 year vets get $1million to $4 million so on and so forth. would the players association go for it? I doubt it.


How would this change free agency? Well we would know how much each player would be getting for 1 thing. There would be no need for using another team for leverage. There would be no bidding wars. The teams that wanted a certain Player would have to court him and make him want to sign with them But not by offering more money. They would have to sell their system, their "mojo" their Team in hopes that he would buy into it .


What would determine a player leaving a team If there was no worry for cap space now? maybe failed expectations, maybe coaching changes, maybe old age or a team wants to get younger at some point. maybe their contract is just up and the team wants to look else where .


Does anyone see an end to this crazy free agency frenzy?


- discuss

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