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did you read the last sentence of that blog you posted


- All signs point to Domanic Rhodes signing with the Giants in the next few days. :rolleyes:


LB Edwards on Giants' radar


Posted by Mike Garafolo March 07, 2007 8:21PM

One more note before I finish for the night: The Giants are interested in former Chargers LB Donnie Edwards, according to someone familiar with the team's plans. But the person said it's not likely the Giants will be able to meet Edwards' price tag. Even though Edwards will be 34, he'll get paid in this free-agent market after recording 141 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks and three INTs last year.


Actually, let me add a few things here that might not make tomorrow's paper (We never run out of cyberspace!): RB Dominic Rhodes isn't getting the kind of offers he would prefer from the Giants right now. Nor is CB Rod Hood. The Giants are interested in both players, but only want them at their price (Sound familiar? It's the approach they've been taking since the Shaun O'Hara negotiations).


Someone familiar with Rhodes' thinking said the Giants' offer might be low but it doesn't appear to be so bad they won't be able to compromise if need be. But Rhodes has visited the Bills and Titans, and if either team steps up with a big offer, the Giants won't put up much of a fight.


As for Hood, the best spot in his mind (all $$$ being equal), according to somebody who speaks to him, is East Rutherford. He would have a chance to beat out a few guys for playing time (perhaps even a starting job) and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo thinks highly of him from his days in Philly. If the Giants come close to what the Saints, Cardinals and Browns are offering, Hood would sacrifice a bit of money to wear blue. Right now, the preliminary talks, which continued today, haven't put the Giants in that ballpark. But believe me, before Hood signs, he'll give the Giants a chance to pony up. Kind of like Jay Feely did. (And we all saw how that turned out.)


Also, keep an eye on S Deon Grant over the next few days. He wants to stay in Jacksonville, but the Giants want a safety. He's apparently on their radar.


Watching an entire college hoops game is all that's on my radar right now...MG

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I'm sitting here listening to the Ballin' Giants Remix....crying....

Scroll around look for a Yankees remix version for a different song.


The Mets got a re-mix to a gay song but it works I guess.

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Scroll around look for a Yankees remix version for a different song.


The Mets got a re-mix to a gay song but it works I guess.

yeah, try searching for a Yankees themed song without reading 8 bazillions Daddy Yankee links... <_<

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I know breaking the bank this free agency is crazy, but I found this little tidbit from that link interesting:


- There are whispers that the Giants are in negotiations with several free agents and are just keeping their business behind closed doors and out of the public eye. To me, this seems like an excuse for what is going on in the Giants front office right now. Tom Coughlin (and I’m one of his biggest supporters) seems to be driving away free agent after free agent from even considering the Giants. Reese is very open about what he is doing with the team and what he plans to do, so when I hear that the Giants are doing things out of the public eye, I have a hard time believing it.


I've suspected the same thing since mid-January, in this post:


I voted "no", and here's why:


They say they didn't want Coughlin to be a "lame duck", yet that is exactly what they have created. Coughlin may have gotten an extension, but it's pretty clear the organization is waiting for a better crop of HC's next year, or they would have squashed any rumors earlier than yesterday, and making Coughlin sweat it out. So everyone knows (or suspects) Coughlin's out anyway. No decent free agent is going to want to risk coming here thinking he'll have to wait a year (and risk injury) for a better coach. Tiki's gone, Eli's regressed, the D stinks, and our conditioning is horrid. We're not going to be much better next year with Coughlin, why not just invest the $'s now to get a better coach, and give him some of the talent we have left before that disintergrates as well. Toomer, Strah, Pettigout may not / may not BE ABLE to hang around til '09-'10 for a shot at the 'Bowl. We're doomed...and I do not mean that sarcastically as some "rallying cry"....we are truly fucked for a minimum....MINMUM...of 3-4 years.


And this one as well:


Not only is keeping Coughlin a mistake for obvious reasons, but no decent free agent in his right mind is going to want to come here. A couple of seasons ago, it was "no free agent will want to come here because of Coughlin's 'discipline' "...we all know where his "discipline" got us. Now, Coughlin's "discipline" is the joke of the NFL, and management giving him what amounts to a "lame duck" extension will compound the problem. If anyone is naive enough to believe a top free agent will walk into that mess of a locker room (with current players back-peddling what they voiced against for a good part of the season), and not be able to wear white socks in the hotel lobby is fooling themselves. Anything any player says to backup Coughlin now is obviously damage control to 1) not be labled a coach killer, and 2) to entice free agents into believing Coughlin is a "good, caring guy". The truth is, a top free agent can come here with all kinds of promise, knowing full well this is Coughlin's last year and that we are not going to make the Superbowl with him as coach. Who the hell would want to sign a long term contract with us? Who would risk a season's worth of possible injury...that is, if he wasn't ALREADY INJURED WHEN WE SIGNED HIM? I'd rather sign with the Cardinals.


While the market prices are insane, I cannot believe that if it were not for Coughlin being the HC, we would have signed someone, anyone at this point in time. It sure looks like Reese is setting up Coughlin to fail.

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