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Tatum Bell


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I think hed be an AMAZING FIT on this team


he is the opposite of Jacobs...what Jacobs cant do Bell can and what Bell cant do Jacobs can


he is fast and can catch the ball


Jacobs is big and can pound it




if Bell becomes a giant I would like to see him get 12-15 carries a game..and give Jacobs 16-19 carries a game


this would keep both guys fresh all year

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Sorting Out the Lions' Running Back Mess

Posted Mar 3rd 2007 12:59PM by Tom Mantzouranis

Filed under: Lions, NFC North, NFL Rumors, Detroit, NFL Free Agency


kevin-jones.jpgThere have been conflicting rumors about Kevin Jones' status for the start of 2007, but Tatum Bell, a Lion of all of two days, thinks he knows the deal.

But no one knows for sure, and in a conference call, Bell said: "I know he's going to be missing part of the season."


Asked if someone had indicated that to him, Bell said: "Yeah. From my understanding he has a foot injury or something, so I feel like I've got a good opportunity coming in and learn the offense and hopefully be the guy."

But that's not all. The Lions are bringing in T.J. Duckett for a visit, and they still have Shawn Bryson and Brian Calhoun under contract. So something's gotta give.


The Detroit Free Press brings up the possibility of Bell being a temporary Lion, a swing piece to send somewhere else for a draft pick. And Pro Football Talk (granted, the National Enquirer of sports news) mentions that the Giants are interested in bringing Bell in to rotate with Brandon Jacobs.


I'm not exactly sure what the Lions are planning. Perhaps the Lions feel it's Jones who will never be the same and want to go forward with Duckett and Bell. Maybe Bell's gone, and it's going to be Duckett and Jones. Or maybe the Duckett visit is just a facade, and they're sticking with Jones and Bell. You just never know with that wacky Matt Millen.

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