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R. Hood


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Should we get him? He is one of the better CBs still on the market, is young, and has said he wants to play for Spag and the Gmen because he thinks he will be a great fit in Spags system.


CB Roderick Hood The Star-Ledger is reporting that unrestricted free agent CB Roderick Hood (Philadelphia Eagles) is not getting the kind of offer he would prefer from the Giants right now. The paper says Hood believes that the Giants are the best fit for him. However, in addition to the Giants, the Saints, Cardinals, and Browns are interested in signing Hood. The Star-Ledger says that talks between the Giants and Hood's agent are in the preliminary stages and the Giants are not offering what those other three teams are offering in terms of money. The paper speculates that Hood will give the Giants a chance to match any offer on the table.


will we offer more? I dont know .I read John Clayton reported that we offered Leonard Davis 24 mil in guarantees and he refused.

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I think Reese is just napping in his office all day. It seems like the Giants have done the least amount of signing.



Relax man, it's like this every year. We get our superstars through the draft...we don't break the bank for them (not to say Roderick Hood is even close to a superstar...I doubt he'd be starting for us.)

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