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Just a little late.

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Nice no-call stripes.


OK, so you Devils fans might think otherwise but whatever...... I went to this game (with a friend that is a Devils fan :chair: , PS we were looking for something to do after work this afternoon and went and bought tix @ 7PM from the box office, paid nothing for them and sat about 10 rows from the glass........... shameful, a $90 ticket I paid half of face value for from the box office...... if this sort of thing continues will they call the Newark arena Vanderbeeks Folly? OK enough ranting back to the point) and as far as I'm concerned Janssen is a pretty decent fighter who can occasionaly contribute in a non-fighting role but nobody who is going to log more than 8 minutes of ice time per game. However, after tonight I have no more respect for this man as his hit was high, late and uncalled for. I still have no idea how he wasn't penalized as it's illegal to follow someone after the release the puck for more than a whole second and drop them with an elbow to the head 3 feet from the boards. After the hit against Drury the other night in the Sens-Sabres matchup it seems that the officiating crews aren't really willing (or are outright missing) to make enforce some of these rules that ensure players saftey. What I am glad to see is that Julien did the smart thing and benched Janssen immediately & what I'm happier about is that the Leafs didn't proceed to do anything classless by going after other Devils players as retribution, they went out there and won the game instead. IMO, he gave the Leafs the fire to get back in the game as they were pretty lifeless before that. Devils fans can feel the other way about it and that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion but this guy lost my repect tonight and should have been at least penalized if not suspended.

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