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Reese might play


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First-day review


Posted by Mike Garafolo March 02, 2007 9:09PM

A long, quiet day appears to be over without a single Giants signing.


Dominic Rhodes is in the area and is expected to remain overnight. His agent, Mike McCartney, who was busy working on deals for two other clients today, said he hasn't even spoken to the Giants about a possible contract. Expect that to happen tomorrow.


Also, OT Leonard Davis is scheduled to arrive tomorrow -- if the Cowboys don't sign him by then. Nice job by his agents of getting the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins all bidding against one another. That's one way to drive your client's price up -- scare teams into forking over some more dough to keep him away from their division rivals.


And one more player to keep an eye on: LB Ike Reese, who was cut today by the Falcons. Reese has told his agent to call only a handful of teams and one of them is the Giants. Reese had a very close relationship with new Giants D coordinator Steve Spagnuolo in Philly. Plus, Tom Coughlin loves to have plenty of guys who can play special teams. I wouldn't be surprised to see Reese end up in East Rutherford. He's a high-character guy, which Coughlin will love, and he'll be sure Spagnuolo's message gets across.


Nite, folks...MG.

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Hey, who knows what's gonna happen. Two years ago, we basically told Plax to go screw himself and he ended up signing with us. A similar thing happened with LaVar last year.



We might end up with Davis, Rhodes, and Reese... and Cato June. Who knows? :)

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