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Travis Henry and other FA moves


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Is it me or Travis Henry can't get any respect for any team he plays for? He played good in Buffalo and they drafted McGahee who I think is just a average back. He loses his spot and peforms well in Tennesee and is done there. I see him going to Denver or Giants.


Falcons released MLB, Edge Hartwell, even though I'm a cowboy fan, I can see you guys picking him up as Adalius Thomas is with the Pats.




Also, The 49ers locked up SS, Michael Lewis along with Nate Clements(highest paid defensive player? Your kidding me)



Finally, Raiders-Packers which had Moss for Aaron Rodgers and a 3rd rounder is still being discussed. I think this trade will go through by the end of next week.



*edit* Forgot to mention Jeff Garcia is about to sign with Oakland Raiders, so They are either gonna take Calvin Johnson or trade down.

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This guy must be full of shit if he said Garcia was gonna sign with Oakland.


No he is right, Garcia was going to sign with the Raiders. He wanted 1 stipulation from them and that was to promise they were not going to draft a QB in the draft . They said they could not agree to that so Garcia said he was not going to sign and went to Tampa Bay.

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