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Young is going nowhere baby!

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lol a bargain? Hicks seems to over pay players. Not like I am taking anything away from Young but I guess some can agree with me here. He is not shy about spending money.

Ah, but thats not true anymore, yeah back in the days of Arod and the nameless japanese pitcher he overpayed for guys. lately though people have really gotten on him about not spending enough, other than this the biggest contract he gave out was to Millwood, 5 years $50 Mill I think. Other than that he really hasn't spent much. He let Mathews walked with no clear replacement in sight at the time, he let Derosa walk, Barajas, etc. He stood firm on his offer to Zito and didn't crack like the old Tom Hicks.




Now, as for youngs contract, he was gonna get that money or more on the open market when he became a free agent in a few years (he was locked up through '08 before this), but now, by the time he would have been a free agent anyway, it'll look like a great bargain again.

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