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Reese enters Rb hunt


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Another report from Dan Benton




Giants Considering All Running Back Options:link

By Dan Benton | February 26th, 2007


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TatumBell_0826_84336.jpg Tatum Bell - TSA.ca


It looks like Jerry Reese will be very aggressive in finding another running back to replace Tiki Barber. Not only have the Giants engaged the Bills in trade talk about Willis McGahee, they will also talk to the Bears about Thomas Jones, the Chargers about Michael Turner and the Broncos about Tatum Bell.


"We'll investigate everybody out there with the trade talk," Reese said. "We'll leave no stone unturned as far as that goes."


According to Reese, they won't stop there either. They will examine the free agent running backs as well; Ahman Green, Dominic Rhodes and Correll Buckhalter. It's clear that they are going to take a look at every potential option before making a move on any of them.


It now seems unlikely that the Giants will go strictly with Brandon Jacobs. They are most certainly going to sign or trade for a "higher profile" type back to split carries with Jacobs. Naturally if I had to pick one from the pack it'd be Turner but he's going to cost way too much. I also like Dominic Rhodes as a back-up but I imagine the Colts will lock him up.


Tatum Bell is certainly an interesting option if the Giants could get their hands on him. He is extremely quick and has some rather sick moves. If he gets out in the open, he's gone. If there was even an ideal "change-of-pace" back for Jacobs, Bell would be it. I've always been a fan of Bell and if I had to pick between any of the names above [excluding Turner], it would be him. His one downfall is that he has a fumbling problem but that's nothing Tom Coughlin couldn't fix.




- Rumors are swirling that the Titans approached the Giants at the combine about Adam "Pacman" Jones. They were offering him up for two low-round draft picks but the Giants basically said "thanks, but no thanks."


- The Giants may have a slight interest in London Fletcher-Baker. However, the Redskins may have already wrapped him up.


- The Giants may be silently keeping an eye on Kawika Mitchell

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Her is another read from MIKE GARAFOLO for The Star-Ledger


Giants eyeing running backs


Sunday, February 25, 2007

BY MIKE GARAFOLO Star-Ledger Staff


INDIANAPOLIS -- Saddled with two full-time jobs this week -- director of player personnel and general manager -- Jerry Reese has been darting through the hallways of the RCA Dome, changing from scout to negotiator and back within minutes.


With each juke and quick step, Reese looks like a running back. But actually he's looking for a running back.



Yesterday, in his first session with reporters since his introduction as the Giants' new GM, Reese reiterated his desire to add another back to complement Brandon Jacobs. Reese's most interesting comments came when he confirmed that the Bills have contacted the Giants about trading three-year veteran Willis McGahee, who is unhappy in Buffalo.


"He's really more of a full-time running back," Reese said. "But if we wanted to go that route, I think (Jacobs and McGahee) could make a good combo."


A Bills spokesman declined to comment. One member of the organization, who requested anonymity because the trade discussions are ongoing, said Buffalo general manager Marv Levy was surprised by Reese's candor but not overly upset about the comments.


Regardless of the ramifications of Reese's disclosure, a trade for McGahee isn't very likely because Reese said he won't part with a first-day draft pick in a trade -- even though Reese said the Bills haven't placed a specific price tag on McGahee. Also, McGahee would require more than the 15 carries a game Reese expects the back he'll add to get. He said he thinks Jacobs should get 20 per game.


There are other free-agent options for the Giants, including Ahman Green, Dominic Rhodes and Correll Buckhalter. The Chargers' Michael Turner will be a restricted free agent, meaning the Giants would have to give up at least one early round pick to sign him. Reese's stance about keeping first-day picks would seem to eliminate Turner as an option.


And there are other trade options, such as Bears running back Thomas Jones and Tatum Bell of the Broncos.


"We'll investigate everybody out there with the trade talk," Reese said. "We'll leave no stone unturned as far as that goes."


The buzz around the scouting combine among other teams' coaches and front-office types is that the Giants are set on taking a linebacker or cornerback with the 20th overall pick, meaning they likely will resolve the running back issue by signing a veteran in free agency.



But those same prognosticators are skeptical of the Giants, who stunned much of the league by selecting defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka in last year's first round. They're wary the team once again might be blowing a smoke screen, this time under a newly appointed general manager instead of the retired Ernie Accorsi.


Reese didn't rule out taking a running back in the draft and said there are a few prospects who have impressed the team. Marshawn Lynch (California) and Michael Bush (Louisville) might be options for the Giants.



"He's a different kind of running back than Tiki Barber, but he's a good running back," Reese said of Lynch. "He'll get drafted somewhere early, and people will be happy they got the guy."


There's also a chance the Giants could take a back in the second or third round, such as Antonio Pittman (Ohio State), Kenny Irons (Auburn), Brandon Jackson (Nebraska) or Rutgers' Brian Leonard.


"I don't know if he sees himself as a running back or fullback or utility back," Reese said about Leonard. "He's very multidimensional. He can do a lot of things for you: He can catch the ball, he can play all the special teams for you, he's a good kid.


"We'll see. He's a valuable product for people."


The agents for Giants DE Michael Strahan are expected to meet with Reese and other members of the front office in the near future to speak about the 14-year veteran's situation, the team confirmed yesterday. Topics of discussion will include Strahan's recovery from last season's foot injury and his contract status.


The 35-year old is signed through the 2008 season, so the team might restructure or even extend his deal. However, it appears unlikely Strahan, who is still one of the top ends in the league, will be the latest veteran with recent injury issues to be cut by the Giants.

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Dominic Rhodes likes to drive drunk...I say no!


Turner the 'burner' is a Charger...the Bolts may want a 1st rd pick (this years and next years) for the 'burner'.


Magahee?? Problem child.



I like Tatum Bell he is way under the radar right now

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