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I really thought they were gonna score at the end there and pull off

a great comeback. At least they didn't quit when it was 4-1, and I

think if they face Pittsburgh in the playoffs, they can handle Sid the

Fag and his butt buddies (I don't really mean that, I got nothing against

the kid, except that he's a heluva player on another team). I have

to go away all next week, but when I get back I'm ordering Center

Ice so I don't have to listen to these homer commentators. I'm

sick of hearing about how Langenbrunner takes a dive, he was clearly

cross-checked, maybe boarded, in the 3rd period and that shoulda

been called. :brooding:

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They have the talent to be a good offensive and defensive team at the same time.

BRodeur had a pretty bad game against the Pens Friday, but they have the firepower to

bail him out. He desperately needs to take a game or 2 off. He's been giving up

too many 5+ goal games lately, and even though he's the #1 goalie in the league in

every important category, he needs to sit the hell down once in a while or he's gonna

be giving up 5+ goals in playoff games.

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