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so-cal dub

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you like how his brother got him some payback there VG :rolleyes:


I am absolutely furious with KEVIN FUCKING HARVICK completely pissed of my wife was jumping up and down and hollering YES YES YES Harvick wins Harvick wins I told her to drag her fucking ass to bed and haven't spoke to her for the rest of the fucking night.


mark should of pinched him up to the wall .

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I was...(gulp)...actually pulling for Mark. Must be the new Chevy he drives now. When Harvick shot out like that I knew he wouldn't be able to fend him off.



As for Stewy, people say he is the new Earnhardt and yet again, at Daytona at least, he is. It'll take him years before he actually does it. 2 years in a row he had the car to beat. Last year he drove like an asshole and it cost him, this year just bad luck. Hopefully it doesn't cost him another chance at the cup.

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