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Another football season almost in the books...


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As much as i hate winter i will miss football over the summer. Baseball just don't cut it for me and the NBA sucks so thank god for the new arena team that just moved into town near me least i hope it is entertaining. Lets all hope the Giants do something over the off season i have faith in this new gm sounds like he has good ideas. So what am i supposed to do with my sundays now?

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I had a hard time watching the Giants until November this year. Once I realized that we weren't going anywhere, Eli sucks, and the coaches can't game plan for my local pop warner team, things got a lot easier.



I think we can expect more of the same next year. But yeah, in the Spring I'll watch Arena League if it's on for my football jones. Too bad the XFL never panned out... I could use some football in the Spring.

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Baseball is just fine for me :TU:


But February and March sucks. Nothing but college basketball on ESPN: Shithead st. vs U of Asshat

Thank god for march madness pools. Without them, then March would really suck.


And thank god I got NFL network.

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