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Giants Eye Chris Palmer as Quarterback Coach




Posted Jan 26th 2007 8:34AM by Dan Benton


The Giants have asked and been granted permission by the Dallas Cowboys to speak with Chris Palmer about their vacant Quarterback coaching position; a position he currently holds with the Cowboys. Palmer has been in the NFL since 1993 in various capacities. He began his career with the New England Patriots under Bill Parcells as their Quarterback coach and eventually became the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1999. Palmer also spent time as an assistant for Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville from 1997 to 1998; he was the offensive coordinator.


Not a bad choice for a Quarterback Coach if you ask me. The guy has tons of experience and has worked with some big named Quarterbacks as well as some young Quarterbacks. As much as I hate to admit it, he did a fine job with Tony Romo this season and has done well with Drew Bledsoe over his career. He also seems to fit the description of what Eli Manning is looking for.


"Obviously I've only had one quarterbacks coach in the NFL," said Manning. "I'm just looking for someone who's obviously smart, intelligent. Someone who we can have a good relationship and just really communicate well together and be on the same page with things. Someone who has good drills and is going to be hard on me and coach me and make sure that everything that I'm doing, I'm doing to get better and put me in a position to play better football."


Let's hope the Giants can reel Palmer in. Considering Coughlin's connection to him, I'm pretty sure he'll be a Giant within the week.




Jason Garrett will be a cowboy at some capacity and Mr. Palmer worked with Romo while he was in Dallas. Even though Romo faulted near the end of the season he did have a good run as Bledsoe's backup ...good enough that he took the starting role. If Palmer can get Eli to move the way Romo did and make him just 50-60% (hopefully more) more accurate whoaaaa baby look out.


but on a sad note Jim Finns plans of wearing gloves on his ankles will have to be scrapped.

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I don't like it really...everytime I think of this guy, I think of Tim Couch and how bad his career was. Tony Romo was good because team wasn't use to seeing him. Once teams got more film on him and started seeing his weakness. That's when the buttom fell on Romo, and Chris palmer was no where to be found. He's another Gilbrite if you ask me.

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I think the idea that some qb coach will turn Eli around is overrated. He's been coached to be a qb since birth, and if he doesn't play at a higher level, the problem isn't Chris Palmer or Kevin Gilbride.


Actually even the most seasoned veterans can get away from doing the little things. And it's little things that matter. Having been working out for so long, you'd think I know how to work out but it's amazing how this sense of over-confidence blinds me to see some of the little things I do wrong. It does take someone else looking at you to tell you what you should and should not do.


Eli Manning is no exception. I think he is a great talent. I'm still on his bandwagon. It's amazing what very little adjustments to his techniques, that I'm sure he knows but got away from, will do to his game. Just like many of you, I don't know much about this Palmer guy but I read he's credited with developing Romo, Bledsoe in NE, and whatever his name is.. Brunell.

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