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Big Blue Belichick?



Would the Giants be interested if things didn't work out with Tom Coughlin next season? Of course they would. Consider that they wanted to talk to Belichick's right-hand man, Scott Pioli, about their then-vacant general manager's job. And whom do you think Pioli would have eventually brought in?


Pioli turned down an interview with the Giants, who will now go with Jerry Reese, a solid in-house choice who has been groomed for the job by outgoing GM Ernie Accorsi the last two years. If Coughlin wins next season, it will be status quo; if not, you'd better believe the Giants would explore the Belichick option if it were out there. They'd be crazy not to.

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There's a snag.


We'd have to root for the Giants to suck. I just can't do that.

Yeah. But at least there'd be something to look forward to if we do.


Doesn't change my mindset heading into every game. I hate losing.

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