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I was wondering if someone could make me a Texas Rangers wallpaper? What I had in mind was making Michael Young into a gunfighter or like an actual Texas Ranger somehow. I'd also like the background to an old west town, but to have the team influenced on it somehow. Basically so if someone sees it they'll know it's a ball player/team and not just a gun fighter.


Maybe have Mike as a gunfighter set in an old west town, but on the top and bottom border of the paper have an actual wallpaper border, something like one of the ones below.








If you need pics, let me know what you want, i have a vast collection of Rangers pics or can find a gun fighter if you want. Maybe putting a vest, chaps, gunbelt etc over Mikes Ranger uni would be better, I dunno.



Doesn't need to be now, baseball season is a ways off. :( I appreciate anyone's efforts, and if no one has time or simply doesn't want to take the task on, I completely understand. :TU:

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