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Garcia goes down


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LOL (I just read my title)


Koy If A.J. starts to screw up !


PHILADELPHIA (Jan. 2, 2007) -- Koy Detmer returned to the Philadelphia Eagles to provide insurance at quarterback going into the playoffs.


Detmer will be the No. 3 quarterback behind starter Jeff Garcia and backup A.J. Feeley. After Donovan McNabb went down with a season-ending knee injury in Week 11, the Eagles added Omar Jacobs to the practice squad.



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Even back in the days when we had shut down defenses ....we always seemed to drop the soap for back ups. I guess what happens is that these guys game plan for the starting qb and when he goes down they relax a little bit (especially if it is a rookie); the opposing offense usually pulls in its horns and goes with some safe passes and misdirection and off we go to the races Giants style. With Clueless directing the defense you know you have to deal with the added burden of him shutting off the LB or safety blitz' that are working by the mid-point of the second quarter and if he uses the blitz again it is usually a variation of that lame tired and expired zone blitz where you have Osi or Kiwi covering a TE, RB and on occasion a WR.

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