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Kurt Thomas


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So Thomas is good at defense now? I remember when I watched basketball how frustrated I got with him on both sides of the ball. Good thing I stopped liking the Knicks right before they started to suck. I just can't like basketball as much as I do with football and baseball.

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Curry is a better player then Thomas....


Curry is 23, Thomas is 33-34


Curry can dominate offensively at times, Thomas is a PF/C with limited moves inside, but does have a good mid range jump shot, and can hit about 80% of his foul shots...but offensively the bottom line is Curry is averaging 20 points a game...and Thomas averages about 10


Curry is 6-11 285 and is very very quick and fast for his size. Thomas is 6-9 245 and is somewhat quick.






Thomas is a much better defender than Curry, Thomas was able to neutralize just about any player he guarded. Not to 0 points...but if he was guading KG and he was getting 25 points a game...Thomas would hold him to 15-20 points on poor shooting. He wouldnt really block any shots, but he was always in the right place here in NY.


Curry is lost on D...he has the skills to be a great defender, but he simply doesnt give a solid effort to improve his defense. But this can be corrected since he is only 23.




Thomas was great at setting picks, and had an attitude that was needed on defense.


Curry has no intangables...except great chemistry with a few teamates. (Crawford, Isiah, Q Rich)



Bottom line is Currys offense and his potential to be a better defender makes him better than Thomas

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