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fox on the Giants


What's there to say about this team? They've lost six of their last seven, they've won only three home games all year, and they publicly bicker with their coach, the media, and with each other. The fans spent Sunday afternoon chanting "Fire Coughlin," the team's greatest offensive player in its history played his last home game and no one cared, and veteran linemen were head-butting opponents. Complete and utter disarray. If it were possible, I'd rank the Giants 35th this week — three spots below the Raiders, and behind Ohio State, Florida and Michigan. And yet, despite all that, New York would be in the playoffs if they began next weekend. With a Giants win in Washington on Saturday, New York will most likely make the postseason for the second straight year. Just doesn't seem right, does it? Well, that's the NFC for ya, folks. Heck, they could win the conference title this year and I don't think anyone would be all that surprised. Just a weird, weird year for the AFC's ugly brother.




ranked us 23rd


ESPN on the Giants


If the Giants win Saturday night they're almost guaranteed a playoff spot. But does any Giants fan have any confidence that they'll win?


ranked us 20th

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