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Q: Did you hear the fans chanting to have you fired?


A: No. I didn’t pay any attention.


Q: Are you concerned about your job security?


A: I’m concerned about this next game.


Double bullshit. Impossible he missed those chants (they were LOUD) and impossible he can't be concerned about his job security, at least without someone in the organization telling him not to worry. But since Coughlin is a typical PC comment guy he has to know his job is on the line, if not already in the dumpster.

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I would've had respect for him had he said "Yeah, I heard them. I don't blame the fans. We suck"


Likewise, it wouldn't change the fact that he has to go, but at least he would go out being a man. Instead he ignores things he clearly had to hear and looks like a douchebag in the process.

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by listening to Tikis coments I belive we will have coughlin back next year and thats why he wants out :cwy:


Despite Tiki's public comments, I still like him. However, I don't mind him using his retirement as leverage to get a new coaching staff in. "Fire Coughlin and I stay"

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