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Please, PLEASE take him!

God, he fucking sucks. :TD:



hahaaa, fucking hilarious! i hope he's gone too, but i'm sure bc is a little bit smarter than to make that worthless sack of shit their head coach. don't worry, he'll be back next year in full effect, not helping eli devolop.

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I've hated him as long as I've known who he was, which goes back to his days as the "Chuck and Duck" offensive coordinator for the Houston Oilers. I don't think that I'm the only one who understood what Buddy Ryan was thinking when he punched Gilbride on national TV.

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yeah from too much looking in the mirror instead of stretching during workouts.

Yeah Nas...even when this creep is "healthy", he basically stands like a statue out there. I guess he is imagining himself in front of his floor length mirror again...what a waste of space, money, time etc.

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