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How will they look at us?

Virginia Giant

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Baseball and it's fans have a history of treating the best players like shit. Ruth was hated for not being ruth at the end of his career. marris, he was hated for not being a tru yankee. If you look throughout our history, you'll find us treating the best we had like crap.


Currently, we chastise the games top players for steroids. My question is, how will the generations to come look at us? Will they view us as we view the generations before us? unfair and ignorant? or will they see us as fans of pure baseball, offended by cheating?

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im not offended that anyone is cheating but if they break the law or the rules they gotta be punished for it one way or the other

OK, but what if future generations look at us now and our time, and say that it wasn't against the rules when most of it was done?

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