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Boohyah's tribute to great Giants players, days 6 and 7.


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First off I want to apologize for the delay in getting these updates to you all. I've received many messages by carrier pidgeon and telexes cursing at me for being late. So I'm going to do day's 6 and 7 in one shot. And boy it's a doozy!! :clap:


Our choice for day 6 is the amazing.......... IAN ALLEN.




Ian was considered a project but he was so much more talented than that and due to the other offensive linemen's jealousy, Ian was forced off the Giants squad. They claimed he sucked, but we all know the real truth don't we?? :ph34r:


And that leads to oyr day 7 superstars, Ian's brother Matt. MATT ALLEN FOLKS!! :clap:




And the best way to sum up Matt's Giant career is that through his play, we now truly appreciate what Jeff Feagles does for the Giants. Thank you Matt!

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