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Mets Looking at Harden


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I don't see this happening though...despite how amazing a player Harden is. The A's survived without him last year but without Zito, they need a healthy Harden to lead their rotation. One can always dream though. Mets are more likely to get Blanton who the A's are also shopping around.

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Well, it seems since Zito isn't on the A's anymore that the Mets and them HAVE to have some kind of rumors going.


Seriously, enough of the bullshit, get Zito, the guy we've all wanted since '05... no matter what it takes.

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I'd take Harden over Zito...but that's just me. Scratch that, a healthy Harden.


I think a lot of people would, including me. But Zito is still top-notch and when you don't have to break up your farm for someone it's always good. The Mets are very deep in the minor leagues and have some extraordinary prospects.

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