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I dont like this either...

so-cal dub

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Carolina is gonna come out like a man who scraped his balls and fell in a rubbing alcohol puddle.

That's what we've been saying the last month about the Giants <_<


We better hope they are off their game and we are on. This team is built to beat us everytime we play them.


After the Titans game, I thought we would lose the next 2 and win the next 3. I stand by that prediction.

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Panthers/Giants....Panthers can't score, Giants are fuckin' up....should be a great game! John Fox will outcoach Tommy C. Giants fans will be pissed once again!


Panthers - 16

Giants - 14


That's it; I've had it. I'm benching Leon. :P

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As with ALl the games in the NFC this year, it's not who is the better team (they're all evenly matched), it's who fucks up less.

"Who will fuck up less?"


I definitely agree here. If we make the playoffs and hopefully by then all our injured players are back, there's no limit to what we can do. I know saying this right now is not ideal but I'm optimistic about our team.


I think this team (including the coaching staff) has learned a lot from these last 4 games and it can only make us better.

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