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I'm so Relieved...


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"Just keep the faith," Archie said yesterday. "I like Giant fans. I understand this day and time. It's kind of the football world we live in. You want success for your team; when it doesn't happen, you get upset. You blame the coach, you blame the quarterback, you blame the GM. Nothing I can say is gonna change any of that.

"I'm not gonna get mad at Giant fans. I like Giant fans. I like going to Giant games. They've been nice to our family. Now, this is a little tougher. You gotta keep fighting, keep playing.

"It's been like a yo-yo with Eli. They've changed their opinion before, they can change it again. The Mannings aren't mad at Giant fans. We understand."


You know, I was really worried about that. :rolleyes:


I'm not one calling for the kid's head, but jeez, he might want to tell his dad to shut up. If Eli wants any sort of respect, pops is going to have to let him fight his own battles.

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