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STFU about rex


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I don't like Rex, but changing QBs would do no good. If they change, they better do it soon. Otherwise, Griese will be useless in the playoffs.


Stick with your guy. It's not as if the Bears are built for a year, this team has talent to have a window of about 5 good-great years in them.

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Why did Denver change QB's for a rookie??? That was dumb! They might have JUST threw away a high seed in the playoffs.


As far as Rex...he's a turnover machine. This guy is no Trent Dilfer of the Baltimore Ravens. Rexy's Turnovers and mistakes is gonna cost the Bears in the playoffs....but what do you do? Gotta let Rexy finish the season since the Bears have a cake walk 3 games left.

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no turnovers two games in a row. 339 yards 2 tds last game. 3000 yards, 22 TD's. he's inconsistent sure, but it's also his first full season as a starter. prior to this season he had never played more than 3 games. not the best qb in the world, but he's getting way more flak than he deserves. if he wasn't on a first place team people would be talking about what a nice surprise he is

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