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The Playoff Picture


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The only teams left in the NFC playoff picture are as follows


9-2 Bears

7-4 Saints

7-4 Seahawks

7-4 Cowboys

6-5 Giants

6-5 Panthers

5-6 Vikings

5-6 Eagles

5-6 49ers

5-6 Rams

5-6 Falcons


There are still 16 head to head games in total to be played between these teams above

Therefore there is likely to be absolute carnage down the stretch


For example the scenario may go like this


14-2 Bears ( Vikes W, @Rams W, Buccs W, @Lions W, Packers W)

12-4 Cowboys (@Giants W, Saints W, @Falcons W, Eagles W, Lions W)

11-5 Seahawks (@Broncos W, @Cards W, 49ers W, Chargers L, @Buccs W)

10-6 Panthers (@Eagles W, Giants W, Steelers W, @Falcons L, @Saints W)

9-7 Giants (Cowboys L, @Panthers L, Eagles W, Saints W, @ Redskins W)

9-7 Saints (49ers W, @Cowboys L, Redskins W, @Giants L, Panthers L)

8-8 Rams (Cards W, Bears L, @Raiders W, Redskins W, @Vikes L)

7-9 Vikings (@Bears L, @Lions W, Jets L, @Packers L, Rams W)

7-9 Falcons (@Redskins L, @Buccs W, Cowboys L, Panthers W, @Eagles L)

7-9 49ers ( @Saints L, @Packers W, @Seahawks L, Cards W, @Broncos L )

6-10 Eagles (Panthers L, @Redskins L, @Giants L, @Cowboys L, Falcons W )


The point of all this is that 9-7 will almost certainly make the playoffs in the NFC this year.

It is even possible ( although very unlikely ) that 8-8 makes it for 1 team it if a few unexpected results occur

Even (in the worst possible scenario ) if the Giants were to lose against Dallas and Carolina they would probably still have a shot at the playoffs by winning their last 3 games

There is still hope especially with injured players returning

Go Giants

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