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Anyone looking to ditch Eli Manning needs meds - here's why. : Beez : 11/13/06 10:09 AM

Two words: Phil Simms.


In no way am I saying they're the same player. No, in fact I think that Eli Manning can be (read again: CAN be) a better quarterback in the NFL than Simms was. Those of you - and there is an astounding number (baffling ... baffling) who are throwing No. 10 under a bus after his horrible game last night - who are giving up on Eli Manning remind me of the guy a couple years ago who kept announcing he was going to go root for a winner - the Tennessee Titans. Pappy something-or-other. Maybe this is worse.


I sat there last night listening to a woman bellow, ad nauseum, "PUT IN HASSELBECK! HE CAN'T DO ANY WORSE!" This was with the score 31-20 with plenty of time left. She was right in thinking Manning was stinking up the joint. Don't misunderstand this post to mean I think he can do no wrong. The man has work to do.


But for those of you with short memories, or who are simply not old enough to recall Phil Simms as more than a very good color commentator and "an old-timer," I offer this, stolen from one site (can't recall which - I scanned several):


In 1984, after 6 (SIX, PEOPLE!) years of injuries and a less than stellar offensive supporting cast, Simms finally emerges as a team offensive leader. He passed for 4,044 yards and 22 touchdown passes and lead the Giants to a playoff berth. The next year, he passed for 3,829 yards and 22 touchdown passes and lead the Giants to 10 victories, the most for a Giants team since 1963. In 1986, he passed for 3,487 yards and 21 touchdown passes in a memorable season for the Giants as they won 14 games.


I think Eli Manning has as much or more raw ability than Phil Simms had, coming in, and even with Manning's mistakes and learning curve, he's still just 2 (TWO, PEOPLE!) seasons into what I strongly believe will be an excellent career.


A couple things that have been beaten to death since last night, and a couple that haven't. First, you cannot discount the HUGE impact of losing Luke last night, nor can you lightly toss aside the loss of a clutch veteran like Amani Toomer, having one of his best seasons in a very nice career. We all watched up until last week as Manning looked for Toomer when he needed to get out of trouble. Toomer's replacement(s) is/are simply not as good. We can only hope Whitfield can step in and blend into the line, doing a serviceable job, maybe with some help from No. 69, who, as we all know, IS ELIGIBLE! On top of that, we can pray for a swift emergence of the slippery rookie WR, which would add a new dimension, as we also can cross our fingers regarding Tyree and Carter playing well enough.


Another factor some are forgetting as they rip the crap out of a quarterback with a workmanlike, quiet demeanor is that THIS IS EXACTLY the type of player Simms was. He showed a little more fire at times, perhaps, but he led by example. Simms made mistakes, he got rattled and he had bad football games. In fact, his completion percentages were fairly low (low- to mid-50s) over the long haul. But Simms was a weight room warrior and he became a stronger man, physically, over the years, and this past off-season, we all heard about Manning's regimen in the film room, and in the weight room. Training camp proved the physical side of it, as Manning looked noticeably larger/stronger. Because of what he's shown so far, I expect that to continue through the years.


And I sat in that shyte last night, and for at least a third of the game, it rained ... while for the rest, the wind swirled and it was soggy, overall. Simms took years to work through the challenges of that stadium in inclement weather. Surely Eli needs work in that department.


Look, he stunk it up last night, and some of those throws were all on him. Some weren't. I trust, from what I've seen of this kid so far, that he'll shrug it off, come back and continue to have solid games. Will he be perfect? Hell no. But for those of you calling for a benching, or a Schaub FA pickup ... or maybe a public lynching, you really need to see your family physician as soon as possible. They make medications that should be able to help you immediately.



Great post.......



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