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If we had a different coach

Virginia Giant


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  1. 1. Would Tiki Retire if Coughlin was gone?

    • Yes, Tiki would still retire.
    • No, Tiki would play another 2 or 3 years.

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He might have had his best seasons, and Coughlin did fix his fumbling problem, but those best seasons have also been very painful ones.


I don't think a switch of coaches would entice him to come back for another season. I don't think anything could.


The one thing that has any chance at having Tiki come back would be a guarunteed reduction in carries, having Bjac get a 50 split with him or more.


But like I said, I don't think even that would change his mind.

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The guy has a billion things he can do... talk shows, sports shows, politics (as a black Republican, the GOP is licking thier chops over the guy).



Plus, rumor has it that when he did all those local, NYC based commercials with Curtis Martin this summer... and saw what kind of shape Curtis was in... it made a big, BIG impact on him. He's good looking, brilliant, and sought after... why should he cripple himself?


I'd do the same thing in his position.

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He would be gone, no matter who was coaching....It's funny, up at camp this year, he was signing a helmet for me and I made a joking remark how "he should never retire"...who knew that he had it in his head that this was gonna be his last year.

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