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Well another chance for Eli to "Step-Up" in a pressure situation

Run With 81

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Now that Dallas won...Under the Monday night lights...On the Road...against a team that steps up and PLAYS WELL against Playoff bound teams and falls flat against lesser teams...


My gut feelin is the Team comes out Fired up & Eli plays well enough...He doesn't win the game by himself but doesn't loose it for us either!! Hopefully we don't need any end of game heroics from him!!!


We need a confidence building game...like 28-10...27-13... something with a 2 TD+ edge!!



Come on TC, Huff, Lewis....Give us a game plan to make us all say WOW!!!! Where did that come from!!! :rock:




NO PICKS ELI!!!!!! BE SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!






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any kind of win away at the Jags on MNF will do me

Shockey and Tiki will have a big game today

lots of running and short passes needed today ...no big heroics from Eli

24-20 Giants win close one i reckon

Lots of running, but Eli does have to throw the ball deep to Plex. Yes 8 yard passes to Shockey or Moss are a good weapon, but they are much more useful when the Safteys are worried about the deep threat.


The most important thing is running the ball, if Tiki and BJ combine for 35 carries GIANTS win the game. Less the 25 it will be another L :TD:

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