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Something that has been on my mind....

Virginia Giant

What would you prefer for the Giants over the next decade?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. I would prefer the Giants to....

    • Win the super bowl soon and follow it with several subpar years.
    • Not win the super bowl soon but be in the mix every year.

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You'r choice.


The Giants win the super bowl this year or next, but for several years following it they under achieve.





They are like the Colts/Eagles and be in the championship hunt every year, but will not win one for several years, if at all.






There is no i want them to win now and be competetive every year answer.

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Thats for sure! Hopefully they will be like the Boston Red Sox and not win a championship for about the next 90 years. :LMAO:


In order for that to happen we would need to make a trade with them that is totally one-sided in our favor. Which player do you think the Eagles would give up for a rediculously low value from our side? (Seriously, not being sarcastic)

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