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Webster you're not getting off the hook either


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this guy was absolutely pathetic the other night.. our starters should be R.W and Madison.. R.W. has impressed me this year.. in the next game it should be R.W at #1 and Dockery at #2 .. im not sure how good Dockery is BUT he has made some huge plays this season with INTs and deflected passes


grossman picked on him all night.. the only solid players from our secondary was R.W and Gibril

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Webster has looked bad lately. He made a nice play when he intercepted that pass in the Seattle game. I don't remember hearing his name much until the last two games. In the Houston game, he didn't look like he wanted to make contact with the guy who caught the pass in the flat. Not good.


Demps has not looked good either, he slipped on that 3rd and 22 play. It was a wet field but he fucked up with that long TD run in the Atlanta game too.

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Is Walker hurt? Hell i would rather see him in there than webster at this point

Walker was injured with a hamstring injury the past 2 weeks, but that week for the Bears game he wasn't on the injured list. I don't know what Coughlin has against the guy, but I sure would like to see him get some reps at nickel.

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