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I don't know...after the last 3 weeks, except for 1st drive vs Bears, our offense overall is playing pretty mediocre (thank G for Tiki!). With our D so banged up, I think 6 & 8 are kinda generous. They need to have a couple of complete team, complete game dominant performances to justify such a good, or better, ranking.

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Don't take ESPN's rankings too seriously. Last night, Salisbury's bottom 5 teams were...



32. Cardinals

31. Raiders

30. Cardinals

29. Raiders

28. Cardinals



Thanks ESPN, for your continued professionalism and respect for knowledgable fans everywhere. :doh:

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Like Seph said, we got handled by Seatlle, and they have SA and Hasslebek on the bench. They are a better team when they continue to win without those guys. A smart man will tell you they are our competition now for the 2nd seed.



Keep in mind that seattle got whupped at home by the Vikes, who put up a whole field goal against the Santa Clara 49ers!. They've had their share of bad results also.

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