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This needs to be shared.


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Saw this link in a thread on BBI whilst lurking earlier. An Eagle fan crying about his team on the Extremeskins board, and having Redskins fans commiserating. Classic.


Link to Schadenfreude Nirvana.


This reply is almost funnier than the original post:


As an Eagle fan, you have been fortunate enough to experience many successes since Andy Reid was hired. Think about all the young Skins fans on this board who grew up in the Turner era. Lived the Spurrior debacle in high school and now the Brunell boner



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This reply is almost funnier than the original post:



Originally Posted by DCSaints_fan

Well it could be worse:


Your team could have taken 21 years just to have a winning season

Your team could have drafted a place kicker/punter in the *first round*(#11 overall), who sucked at both place kicking and punting

Your team could finally get good, only to be stuck in the same division as a dynasty that won 4 superbowls in a 15 year period and never had a losing season during that time, making it very hard to get to the postseason

Your team could finally get to the postseason only to get bounced in the frist round year after year

Your team could have traded away a 1st and a 2nd for Steve Walsh, and watched the team they traded those draft picks to use them to build a 10 year dynasty that included 3 Superbowls wins.

Your team could have traded away an entire draft, plus a 1st and a 3rd the following year, and have the coach publically announce his intentiosn to do so to the whole world before the draft, for a pothead headcase RB

Your team could have no legitimate Hall of Famers (guys with the team 1-2 years at the end of their career don't count), despite being in the league for 40 years

Your team could have never even been the Superbowl

Your team could have never even gotten to the conference final

Your team could have one playoff win its entire 40 year history (and it probably only happened because a player on the other team muffed a punt)


Your team could be the Saints



You win.




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