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Insomniac Math.


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From Answers.com:

Head coaches


Bob Folwell 8-4-0 1925

Joe Alexander 8-4-1 1926

Earl Potteiger 15-8-3 1927-1928

LeRoy Andrews 24-5-1 1929-1930

Benny Friedman and Steve Owen 2-0-0 1930

Steve Owen 153-108-17 1931-1953

Jim Lee Howell 55-29-4 1954-1960

Allie Sherman 57-54-4 1961-1968

Alex Webster 29-40-1 1969-1973

Bill Arnsparger 7-28-0 1974-1976

John McVay 14-23-0 1976-1978

Ray Perkins 24-35-0 1979-1982

Bill Parcells 85-52-1 1983-1990

Ray Handley 14-18-0 1991-1992

Dan Reeves 32-34-0 1993-1996

Jim Fassel 60-55-1 1997-2003

*Tom Coughlin 17-15-0 2004-present; Current Giants Head Coaching record as of 1 January, 2006.


I was actually looking for a picture of the original red giants uniform with the tan pants, for the uniform thread, but ran into this. So I started to play around. I counted ties as half-wins.


Winning percentages of winning coaches with at least 50 games.

Jim Lee Howell: .648 (Jimmy, NOW do you see why they didn't just dump the guy?)

Bill Parcells: .620

Steve Owen (not including the two wins he had sharing coaching duties with Benny Friedman): .581

Jim Fassel: .522

Allie Sherman: .513


Seems like a short list, but Steve Owen was the coach for 23 years. These 5 coaches account for 52 years.


I really should give Parcells a little more credit than I do. Nah.


best record for a coach with at least 1 complete season: LeRoy Andrews, 24-5-1, 1929-1930: .817


best record for any coach: Steve Owen and Benny Friedman, 2-0, 1930: 1.000



The "Dark Ages of the 90's" (handly-reeves years): .469

An estimated "Dave Brown Period" (reeves seasons without 12-6 first year record-3 seasons): .417

Entire period between Parcells and 2000 superbowl 1991-1999: (71-74) .490


What I grew up with (Arnsparger, McVay, Perkins; 1974-1982): (45-86) .344

I was nice and didn't include Parcell's first season (3-12-1: making it .330). There's even a playoff year in there (10-8)! Translate this in human terms: from when I was 11 up to and including my 20th year, I saw one winning season. I guess that's why I don't think of Dave Brown as the worst I've ever seen.



Finally, the great debate:


Fassel years: .522

Coughlin as of the Dallas game (21-18): .538


Conclusion: It's not really fair to compare 39 games to 116; but on the other hand, Coughlin can't be completely inept.




Here's what we're debating here. I went back and added up the record for Fassel 6 games into his third season. Ready for this?




He was a half game ahead at this point in his giants career. Each had a miserable playoff loss with no wins to this point. Why were we debating their merits again?


The only difference is how they got to their records (Fassel: 10-6-1, 8-8, 3-3; Coughlin: 6-10, 11-6, 4-2). Fassel wound up 7-9 at the end of his third season, so we'll see.



Well, fucking discuss.

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