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Romo, a guy who hasn't played a full game yet in the NFL is going to be as effective as the QB who is currently taking up quite a few votes for league MVP, or at the bare minimum, a Pro Bowl level?!?!?


A little premature, don't you think? Why don't we just put a reserved spot in the next available space in Canton?


I agree, Romo made some nice throws, but he's no where near McNabb; nor will he be for at least another 2 or 3 years.


I said I think he will be as effective as mcnabb sooner than later.. just about 2 to 3 years..

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.....................CP/AT.. YDS ..TD INT

T. Romo........ 14/25 ..227..... 2 ...3

D. Bledsoe...... 7/12.. 111...... 0...1


E. Manning ......12/26.. 189 ....2 ...1


he actually out played Manning in only just 2 quarters save the 2 more INT's


like I said before I would rather play bledsoe for 4 quarters. if Romo started who knows what the games out come would of been.


but either way we won its in the books lets woop some TB ass.



you absolutely cannot judge this due to stats. sure he had the two td's but one was in extreme garbage time and we backed off heavily. as far as eli, he didn't have a great numbers game, but he didn't need to. lastly, numbers don't mean a thing to me man, not one thing. wins do. anyways, i agree let's go kick some tb ass.

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romo had only 2 passes in his whole career before Monday, right?




The guy showed signs. With a little more experience he can be very dangerous. And that's just the way I like the NFC east to be anyway.

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