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Here's to Maine


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I especially liked the way he wouldn't give in to the big hitters.


Maine is no punk.



I can't wait until his command gets better and he can do this for 7-8 innings. He never really gives up alot of hits, it's the walks that usually hurt him.


Great pitching in a huge game. Here's to you, Maine... :cheers:

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If Maine develops his breaking pitch he can be an above average pitcher in this league. His fastball has late life and good velocity and his change up is good as well. Gotta give Omar credit as when he got killed for the Benson deal he spoke a lot about Maine, someone nobody knew about at the time. Turns out for Anna Benson we wound up with EL Duque(for Julio) and Maine. Not a bad trade.

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Two "throw ins" in trades by Minaya have been our games 6 and 7 starter.


People talk about him not needing to do much work by signing Beltran, Pedro, Wagner, etc., but give him some credit on the little ones. It's the reason we are still in it.

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