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I got a bitch with Willie.


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Don't embarass yourself further here, stick to the Yanks side and continue what embarassment you get there.


You said it all


Oliver is the 11th man in the pen, the sacrificial lamb if you will. Had the Mets offense come back in that game Willie would have been deemed a genius and Oliver would have been the next coming of Koosman. Please pay attention from now on. With your team not playing a game until April do us all a favor and familiarize yourself with the makeup of the Met roster and realize what its made of and how one would use it.

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There could be what if's like hell in this series so far.


1. What if Mota threw any pitch to the outer part of the plate instead of coming inside?


2. What if Carlos Delgado didn't commit his error?


3. What if Green was an inch over and made the catch at the wall?


4. What if Pedro and ElDuque wasn't hurt?

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