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Found 1 result

  1. So on Sunday I watched with a friend of mine as his Cardinals played and won one of the best game of the year in the NFL so far. And we got to talking, how did the Cardinals end up like this when literally two years ago they were the worst team in the NFL. 2018: Hired Wilks, draft Rosen, go 3-13. 2019: Fire Wilks, hire Kliff, get Kyler, go 5-11 2020: Playoff contenders in one of the strongest divisions in football. What it made me realize is just how fucking ass backwards the Giants have been doing things the last 8 years. 2016: Fire Coughlin, Hire McAdoo, keep JR, have fluke year and go to the playoffs where they are exposed. 2017: Fire McAdoo, midway through the year, fire JR at seasons end. 2018: Hire DG and let him pick his staff, he hires an offensive minded HC in Shurmur but force him to play Eli an aging QB over the hill. 2019: Keep Eli, but then let that HC draft a QB to develop in Jones. 2020: Fire that HC who was getting results with Jones, and replace him with a prospect Judge who no experience, hire a retread at OC in Garrett, keep DG. 2021: Fire DG? Force the new GM to keep Judge and Jones? Do you keep Garrett? If not that's three new systems for Jones in as many years, you basically ruin the kid at this point. Mara needs a kick in the nuts by the way for how he ran this team since 2015.
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