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  1. I'm thinking that a lot of us are assuming it will be signed. I really don't think that either side wants to go into this season without an extension in place, evidenced by their willingness to extend the deadline twice. It is getting down to the wire, but both sides realize that any extension right now will be better in the long run than no extension at all. The number one thing that I hate about baseball is the fact that some teams have much more flexibility when it comes to signing players than others. It almost creates an uneven playing field it seems. The NFL avoided that by the sharing of revenue and having a salary cap. If we go away from that, we're welcoming even higher salaries, higher ticket prices, and the unfairness between small market and large market teams. However, I agree that if we have limited cap room, we have to look to shore up the secondary. I don't want to go into the season with a 2nd year player having the most starting experience in our secondary.
  2. I'm not saying that it's going to be like last year's spending spree, but I just don't see any reason why we can't sign 3 FAs. And when it comes to drafting, if you have 3 solid QBs, you're not drafting a QB in the first round, regardless of who's there. If you have those 3 solid QBs and one of the top rated QBs is available when it's your turn to draft, you trade down to a team that needs that QB, but not so far down that you avoid getting who you want. Case in point - we needed help in the secondary last year and we drafted Cory Webster. The year we drafted Eli, we had Collins, but apparently had had enough with his inconsistency. Not to mention, it's like EA said, sometimes there are players you just cannot pass up when given the opportunity to draft them. These players are obviously rare. But I have to absolutely disagree with you that when it comes to draft day, there's an expectation that the selections you make will fill a need, even if that need is nothing more than depth at a given position. And if you're already set at that position, than you're drafting in another position. Just my take.
  3. I realize that you draft players, but you have to address needs as well. And I'm assuming the CBA is signed and we gain roughly 10 mil in cap space. If that happens, I don't see why we couldn't sign 3 FA.
  4. Heard on Mike & Mike this morning that the chances are he'll probably be looking for a 1-2 year deal and basically audition for next year or the following year's free agency period to hit the big payday. I wouldn't mind giving him that 2 year deal with the 2nd year being voidable. Simiilar to the deal we gave Kurt Warner I think. At the same time, we draft one the best rookie LBer we can. Arrington starts this year, rookie definitely gets some playing time. Next year, Arrington walks, rookie starts. But when it comes to some of the FA LBers out there, I wouldn't mind having Witherspoon, Peterson, or even Cato June (I realize he's a RFA and it would cost a future draft pick) all before Arrington. If we landed Witherspoon or June, the possibility of drafting in a different direction than LB in the first round becomes much more plausible.
  5. I've got the Giants going LB, DT, CB in rounds 1-3. For the LBer in round 1, I'm thinking Ernie Sims, DeMeco Ryans, or Bobby Carpenter. For DT in round 2, I'm looking at Claude Wroten or Roderique Wright. For CB in round 3, I'm thinking Anwar Phillips or Will Blackmon. And in case you're curious, I'd go WR in round 4 with Cory Rodgers, Devin Aromashodu, or Brandon Marshall. I've also got the Giants signing a veteran CB (Will Allen, Ronde Barber, Ricky Manning Jr, Ike Taylor, or apparently Sam Madison). I've also got the Giants getting an OLB via free agency (Will Witherspoon, Lavar Arrington, Julian Peterson, Cato June). I've also got the Giants finding a free agent safety (Cory Chavous, Adam Archuleta, or Chris Hope). Chances are we get another backup QB to replace either Lorenzen or Hasselbeck, but that move won't be major I don't think. I would not be opposed to having both these guys back.
  6. Why can't they agree on 58% this year and maybe next, and then in years that follow, have that percentage increase? Is this negotiation thing really all that difficult? I mean, in the long run, they're all filthy fucking rich and it seems like we're splitting hairs. Maybe it's just me being a frustrated fan with millionaires arguing with millionaires over who should get millions more.
  7. That's my thoughts exactly regarding the possibility of signing a veteran CB. If we sign Ronde for 3 years, we're almost guaranteed Tiki sticks around that long. I like the movement towards younger players too, but a good point was made about Manning Jr's height.
  8. Petitgout - Seubert/Diehl - O'Hara - Snee/Diehl - McKensie
  9. Actually, when it comes to signing bonuses, the players do get that money up front. However, when it comes to accounting for it against the salary cap, Money's example was spot on. The one thing that confuses me more than anything are the performance incentives that players can hit depending upon their play on the field, the multi-tiered bonuses, roster bonuses, and how these are counted against the cap.
  10. Nicely thought through. Not sure that all those players will get to us in the draft, but I haven't looked into it too much. Just becoming familiar with some of the names at this point. Researching who we might draft is a little pointless in my opinion because the draft strategy could change big time depending upon what we do in free agency. And what we do in free agency is highly dependent upon what happens with this collective bargaining agreement. The only glaring problem I saw was the draft pick trade with Denver. If I'm Denver and I can't afford 2 first round picks, I'm packaging the two of them together and moving up in the first round of the draft, not just picking up an additional pick next year. So that logic is a little off...to me anyways. Furthermore, we'd have to throw in more than just our 1st rounder next year to get the value from both sides remotely close to equal. No way that 1 first rounder this year is equal to 1 first rounder next year. But other than that, as long as we shore up the LBers and Secondary in the offseason, I'll be happy.
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing a TE drafted as long as by that time we've signed a CB (preferrably a FA), 2 LBers (1 FA and 1st round pick), a DT, a S, and Offensive line depth were all addressed first.
  12. Nicely explained! Also noteworthy is the significance of the June 1st date. That's the day that the signing bonus is paid. So in the Will Allen example previously noted, if he were cut June 1st, 2008 instead of March 2008, he'd get paid the 1,000,000 bonus that year and the remaining 2,000,000 salary cap hit would take affect the following year. So, in that case, he received 3 million of the original 5 million bonus (2006, 2007, and 2008). The remaining 2 million would hit in 2009. So we would lower his cap number from 5 million to 1 million THIS YEAR, saving 4 million. But, he'd have a 2 million hit NEXT YEAR. I think I got that right. I'd also agree on the not becoming a capologist.
  13. Bingo. He's shown flashes, now he just needs consistency.
  14. You're right, we didn't get much pressure. I'm telling you that with Clancy (if resigined), Joseph, Strahan, Umenyiora and the backups, we'd be fine on the D-line if our LBers played better. My thoughts are 1- Outside LB 2- CB or S 3- WR 4- DT 5- LB 6 & 7- Offensive line depth
  15. I'd like to see Greenway, but doubtful he'll drop to us. Sims would be my pick if he's there.
  16. After what we went through last season at LB and in the Secondary, if we go DT in the first in the draft, then we're not very smart. Now, if we get a shut down CB or fix the hole at S in free agency, than I'm fine with the DT. But we have to get the best LB we can.
  17. Wouldn't mind Julian Peterson, Cato June, or Will Witherspoon coming our way in the offseason. I can't say that I agree with Peterson being rated that highly, but I still wouldn't mind seeing him come our way. Cato June and Witherspoon played well for Indy and Carolina respectively and both are still fairly young in their careers if I remember correctly.
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