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  1. Didn't want to see another Philly Championship in his lifetime: got his wish. At least we have that in common. Great player. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000480460/article/eagles-hall-of-famer-chuck-bednarik-dies-at-89
  2. Emotional flatline. Just like the rest of this FA period. Except when thinking about the Safeties, or lack of same.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdNsltQXTVU
  4. Bradford reminds me so much of Rex Grossman's career it's not funny. Lots of potential, but can't stay on the field to save his life (remember Grossman in Chicago?). Once on the field, his development was so behind, Grossman couldn't catch up. You could make the argument that St. Louis didn't have any receivers, but who do the Eagles have right now? Riley Cooper? I can see grabbing him for short term (although that could backfire with his injury history), but then why take on the cap number and lose multiple picks?
  5. It was the highlights. Kelly saw the highlight reel.
  6. He got that rep after the game against Washington when they had him throw a ridiculous amount in a wind storm. Somehow, that morphed into "cold weather." Another was the Buffalo game in 2007--during a freaking snowstorm. Of course, if you are relying on the pass in those conditions, you are a fool. If you want to say he can't throw into the wind, fine. Not many QBs can.
  7. Oh, ok. If i gotta... But I think that the stats for TE would be substantially higher if he particularly sought tall receivers. Although you're right, he tends to throw high.
  8. This. Other than Burress (and Amani Toomer, who was already on the team), most of Manning's passing yards went to shorter WRs. Neither has been on the team since 2008, and no tall receivers have been substantially involved in his peak passing seasons to date. It's one of those myths that have lingered, from about the same time the "Manning can't play in bad weather" deal early on.
  9. I just can't picture Reese ignoring Cooper like that--he drafts WR constantly. In that scenario, I wouldn't be shocked with a trade down.
  10. Throw an apostrophe at the end of "Giants" in the title, and this thread goes in completely different directions... It's been distracting me the whole time.
  11. Weatherford? He is a bit of a spicy imp...Got some legs, too.
  12. Come on, he was terrible last season. That doesn't undo the complete body of work, it just means that people realized he was on the field when he shouldn't be. Same thing with Diehl and Snee. Even LT's last couple of seasons, you could see the end coming: hated that it was happening, but you could see it.
  13. Two things: 1) Solid player for most of his time here. Odd pick at the time, but can't complain about the results. 2) I'm apparently the only guy that thought he was more valuable at LB than defensive end.
  14. Has anyone actually seen this "video," or even heard what it shows? "Worse than Ray Rice" isn't a description. Much as I love Schadenfreude, I'm going Missouri on this one.
  15. He had a fantastic 2011. He's definitely a better player than most. But he's also had a back injury--which is not something to dismiss when talking about a lineman--because that's going to flare up again. And so far, it's starting to look like 2011 was the exception, not the rule. Admittedly, that's a pretty high standard to hold anyone to. He also makes some dumb decisions on the field--it looks like he gets duped pretty easily into going inside. I don't know how well that can be coached out of him. The bottom line is without him, our DEs are Wynn, Moore, and Ayers. Our DTs are Hankins, Bromley, Kuhn, and Jenkins. And we have no one at LB (let alone a squad) good enough to compensate for only one very good DL on the team. The defense hasn't been designed for that for well over a decade. His value to us is probably much higher than to some other teams.
  16. Opponents were gashing us on the outside--JPP had a nasty habit of collapsing towards the center on rushing plays. Constantly. Regardless of what was happening during the play. That left the devastating presence of Williams to cover the outside. Sure, an upgrade at DT wouldn't hurt. But we need DEs and OLBs much, much more.
  17. LOL. Pretty much the 2008 draft class. What kind of sick god let's Brian Kehl have the longest, healthiest career out of that draft?
  18. I'm ok with it--part time player getting part time pay. Allows us to concentrate on DE/outside LBs, which were getting horse-whipped on outside runs.
  19. Holy shit! If Romo winds up out of the league in the next couple of years (not that hard to picture, considering his back), that team is fucked. I don't know how they keep Bryant and Murray without gutting their defense and losing Free. Not that their defense was as great as the stats seem to show, but still...
  20. It sucks. Saw he was going to be good during his rookie year. One of those deals where we could have had a long-term core player without picking up a free agent had he only stayed healthy. It sickens me to see so many good players deteriorate rapidly. I have nothing but good thoughts for the guy. Hope the knees let him be comfortable for the rest of his life.
  21. Same here--he's not going to dazzle you with big plays, but he's the guy that's going to move the chains.
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