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  1. True, but looking at Pizan's thread (thanks Pizan!), it looks like Rhonde would be entering a seller's market. It kind of looks like he's going to have a choice of top dollar or playing with his brother. I'm not betting on that one.
  2. Just get a CB in FA--If they can get Ronde, do it! That's all I'm asking for. With Pierce in the middle, we can handle draftee LBs.
  3. I don't think it unreasonable, after looking at who we are playing next year and where, to think we're going to be at least 9-7 next year. I think we'll probably split with Dallas and Philly, sweep Washington. Yes, I realize Washington was a good team this year, but they have some serious house-cleaning to do to get under the cap. How they do it is going to tell what kind of season they have. I don't see Houston, NO, or Tennessee improving enough to not expect wins (which of course means, we shouldn't expect wins ), and I would figure we beat either the Bears or Bucs. The Texans and Saints are disasters, and the Titans are still in cap hell. The Bears and Bucs are good teams, but they aren't all that scary at home. Seattle is beatable--we were a field goal away from proving that. I'm thinking 6-2 at home, and 3-5 away. Who knows? With all the fur flying around Vick and his brother, maybe this is the year we finally beat them. Giants home games: Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Chicago Bears Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers away games: Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Jacksonville Jaguars Seattle Seahawks Tennessee Titans (schedule blatantly ripped off from BBI) Doh! I'm assuming upgrades on defense.
  4. I didn't mean to infer that you were saying that we were cutting Emmons. I just didn't understand the logic of cutting Emmons before Green. The old guy is on the field, the young guy is on the couch. And I guess I'm a little annoyed that he wasn't IR'd in preseason, basically keeping Hollowell off the roster. Hollowell may not have been a great LB, but we sure could have used him at the end of the season. Hindsight is 20/20... One could argue that wanting to play while not being 100% is exactly the kind of attitude Coughlin wants, although he might not have appreciated the venue where Emmons expressed this. I don't think 3 mil is a small amount, but if that can be lowered (and I think Emmons is reasonable enough to work with Accorsi), I don't see a reason not to keep him around. Then again, ask me after the draft.
  5. I seem to remember seeing the names Duff and Shivers from last years' draft. Are they any good, just underdeveloped; or just lower-tiered talent? Either way, letting NFL-E do some development on so many players is a smart move. Even if only 1 or 2 guys stick, we have decent back-ups at dirt-cheap salaries.
  6. If it were me, I'd go FA with CB and WR--no one spectacular, just someone who won't embarrass us. We don't need another young guy in the defensive backfield, and I'm hoping Jamaar Taylor finally gets out of his injury phase. I'd look for a backup QB as well--Lorenzen is just too much of a head case to justify. I'm assuming we re-sign Clancy, or someone at his level. I'd like to get a LT to replace Pettigout in 2007, a few outside linebackers, and a DT in the draft. I don't think Robbins is going to be around too far past this year, and we got real lucky finding Kendrick Allen. I'm hoping we draft Carpenter, because I like what I've read about him, and frankly, I'm a sentimental old fool. I remember his dad, and he had the mentality of a linebacker anyway. Other than that, I go along with what Reese/Coughlin suggest, since they have been kicking ass the last few years. And no, I'm not taking a swipe at Accorsi, it's just the scouting dept. has been finding players under rocks lately.
  7. Emmons is a little past potential--wysiwyg. But a rotation is a good idea--extends Emmons career, and gives Torbor a chance to learn under him. Again, my only gripe with Green is he can't stay on the field. If he shows he can--great. But theres NO WAY I don't draft a couple of LBs this year, and I don't assume he's the starter.
  8. I never really understood that line of thought. Emmons, albeit playing hurt, has been on the field a lot more than Green has. I'll grant you Torbor isn't a huge dropoff at this stage compared to Emmons, but he's not a huge upgrade either. Emmon's salary isn't all that bad, either. Green showed ability when he actually made it onto the field, but he just isn't on the field enough. I wouldn't cut him now, but if he gets dinged in pre-season, I wouldn't stick it out with him. Especially at the price of a promising draftee.
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