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  1. id let you all know about the txt I got from Kerry Collins...but I dont break confidence like that...
  2. Exactly. It was fun to watch the 1st half but during halftime I got a bad feeling. Its very rare that the Giants come out strong in the first half against a good team and keep it up through the whole game. The complete collapse of the defense in the 4th quarter was nearly surreal but not at all suprising. /going to go cry in my coffee
  3. I'm satisfied Anytime my team wins is a good day :wub: eli still sucks dong too often
  4. Eli was atrocious , as he is every other week or so. With that inconsistent pass game, the NYG will not get to the playoffs and even if they do, will not fare well there. Eli needs to be kicked and realigned so he doesn't have these off games as often as he does. He is looking horrible this year. The running game and the defense is saving this team this season.
  5. On NFL Network they mentioned they may play in Detroit.
  6. Exactly. The depleted oline doesnt cause him to make that mistake in a crucial part of the game. I don't know if anyone has ever though him to be elite - maybe the wish was there for the first couple years after he was drafted, but the reality is he is good, great when everything comes together. He requires a stong oline to be solid in his play and when he is solid in his play he is top tier. Right now he doesn't have tools in front of him to make him anywhere near top tier.
  7. wow that is exactly what I said. amazing.
  8. anyone have a link for the game online? Cause im a glutton for punishment and feel the need to torture myself watching the game...
  9. ummm from the look of your guys comments.... its probably best that not watch the game.
  10. anyone have an online link to the game?
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