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  1. Thats pretty cool, I hope Budweiser accepts. I don't like either of the drivers, or the beers for that matter, butthats pretty cool.
  2. I'd love to do this, but I just can't do it during that time. i work 7 am to 7 pm, and even though I have internet acess, I can't spend that amount of time online at work while I'm training. If there is anyway we could do a multi day draft, starting at 7:30 PM till roughly 10:00 PM that would be the only way I could do it. Unless you do it March 19,20,21, and 22, I have those 4 days off and could do it anytime during those 4 days, which I would actually prefer.
  3. Looks damn good to me, but I've never done a baseball league.
  4. Not Nascar, but damn I'd eat that full of ice cream.
  5. Yup,. "Dales big coffee can exhaust that sounds like a bumble bee will be awesome though. And lets not forget Gordons lowered ride with 2 15 inch subs in the back sittin' on 24 inch wheels. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Pontiac, these are Nascars. Toyota, is not.
  6. I agree, and I'm for the "Run what ya bring" idea. If a team figures out something that makes them beter, don't tell every othere fucking team about it. And no Fucking Toyotas, the trucks are bad enough.
  7. Rangers Top 10 Fantasy Players Nevin key to Rangers DH depth.
  8. If So Cal agrees, we all just pick our drivers, say Stweart win the Championship and Jr. finishes behind everyone elses driver, Plax has to wear a sig of So Cals choosing.
  9. Yeah, he'll win the 500, then promtly finish 25th every race until the next plate race.
  10. Basically, the loser has to where a sig of the winners choice until the start of the next season. Just like what me and so cal did last year, we had a sig bet on Tony Stewart and Gregg Biffle, since Stewart finished higher than Biffle in the standings I had to where so cal's sig until this week. I guess we could do this with multiple people.
  11. Unfortunately, I'd go with Jr. The DEI cars do well in plate races and do shitty everywhere else.
  12. OK, I guess I should make a new Rangers News thread. BTW, anyone who's team does not have a section and would like to make a thread similar to this one about their team, I will pinn it also. Hershiser departs Rangers for ESPN Man, We're gonna miss him. Around the Horn: Middle Infielders Mench ink 1 year deal Rangers Spring training quick hits Rangers eye bullpen rebound for 2006 Rangers Mailbag Rangers have many outfield options Newberg Report Rangers Remain Interested in Clemens Showalter, Rangers feel sence of urgency Rangers Mailbag Teixeira, Young tabbed for WBC Clemens confirms teams are interested Camp Opens with sense of excitement Rangers sign Kevin Millwood Rangers Aquire Padilla From Phillies Soriano Traded Rangers sign LHP Brian Anderson teixeira and Rangers agree to 2 year deal Around the Horn: Catcher Rangers Mailbag Rangers resign Padillia and Mathews Jr. New pitching coach Conner optomistic Around the Hron: Corner Infrielders Diomond ready to take next step Is this the year of Texas? eaton trade is finalized
  13. For my first ever post, I will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT talk about the Redsox! Go Rangers!
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