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  1. going for pizza and we will be caught up hopefully by halftime.
  2. I get excited with all these weapons. Can you imagine all these receivers on the field plus Barkley at once.
  3. We were also a incomplete helmet catch from losing in 2007. We were also a Scott Norwood made field goal from losing in 1991. We were an out of bounds Manningham catch that could have cost us a win. The Red Sox were an out a way from Buckners blunder in 86.
  4. The only thing I could argue here is that maybe he wasn't ready for the playbook to open up. I mean last year, the offensive line was so bad and with Barkley out, how can you realistically open up the playbook when everyone either sucks or is injured. I am also going to say that many of Eli's years were stunted because a bad offensive line.
  5. The same thing can be said about the Washington game. A missed field goal changes this teams fortunes. Jones wasn't even terrible that game. The defense let the the team down. They played better in NO. I am looking for improvement this year. Last year we had some flashes. I can see why people can get excited about Jones. Overall, he's having an great start to the year. His turnovers are way down and he's playing smart. He has some weapons and some protection. Sheppard was his number 1 receiver last year. I am just hoping Judge learns from his mistakes, but if he doesn't. Then he's show the door.
  6. I think they've lost to better qb's so far that him
  7. Rojas' option was not picked up.
  8. I haven't got hard like that since Kerry Collins
  9. Totally agree there. I think it’s a defining game next week. Either 2-3 or 1-4. The defense needs to play even better. It’s win or bust
  10. Frank doesn't look to happy there
  11. Daniel Jones was brilliant today
  12. they won one for your grandpa
  13. That was a good call for some extra yardage. A 48 is better than a 53.
  14. I like Vilma as well. He's intelligent, but a homer of course
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