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  1. The real story is Judge and time outs here.
  2. They are just burning clock and made them use a time out
  3. just keep sticking to what works
  4. god the offensive line is fucking horrible nice run by Jones
  5. I don't think Darnold is the answer in Carolina.
  6. Through 3, one time out called
  7. He did good saving 2 time outs
  8. I think they are going to open up the playbook during the second half.
  9. Jones should have slid there.
  10. They are being used as decoys right now. We still have 3 timeouts btw
  11. At least we have 3 time outs going into the second
  12. how many timeouts do we have left?
  13. Yeah guys back when I was a dumbass I was already drunk by the start of the game. Now I am high and I will have a beer later on for dinner.
  14. that was good defense there
  15. Had some Jet Fuel so I was a little late. No point in getting upset today.
  16. that was a nice first drive. to bad the defense is going to give it right back.
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