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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/more-changes-coming-for-giants-with-gm-dave-gettleman-likely-in-his-last-year More changes coming for Giants, with GM Dave Gettleman likely in his last year
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/giants-joe-judge-wanted-former-oc-jason-garrett-out-last-year-more-moves-coming-in-new-york/ Giants' Joe Judge wanted former OC Jason Garrett out last year; more moves coming in New York
  3. Probably should have sent the OL coach packing as well. Terrible drafting and bad coaching
  4. I can't put all the blame on him. The Bucks defense played great. The coaching has no answer for that. I put most of the blame there.
  5. Eagles are looking good as well.
  6. We have two first rounders. I don't think we should waste one on a QB when there are so many holes. One more year for him.
  7. it's just not him. the whole team sucks
  8. waited two weeks just to see this bullshit. everyone is regressing.
  9. Hernandez is approaching Petigout numbers here
  10. Yeah time for some more ghost train haze after that. Fucking Tom Brady just throws darts
  11. Yeah nice mix of youth on QPR as well. I still keep track of them. They are close to making a run. I figure Fulham and Bournemouth will go back up. Good to see you.
  12. https://metsmerizedonline.com/2021/11/noah-syndergaard-signs-one-year-deal-with-angels.html/
  13. It is really to bad that Barkley hasn't been able to develop or prove himself. He's been injured most of his career. Great rookie season and that's it. Booker isn't the answer. I am sure he will get injured somehow.
  14. ah he played at Temple for 3 years
  15. nice win. that was a good game today.
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